We never stop learning

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Education never started from school and it will not end there. The process of getting knowledge and skills has been one of the fundamental trait of humans that seemed normal. Humans have evolved and thereby diversify the process of learning, starting from home with our parents, the friends living beside us, the school we attend, the movie we watch and the song we listen to. We learn from all these. Learning now became easier and accessible with the development of social media due to the advancement in technology.

Social media has made it easier to communicate, create, share, exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. In this big community there are homes of people I always like to visit in Facebook, YouTube, twitter and telegram.

Art people gallery (artpeople1) always catch my attention any day and any time on Facebook. The creativity from different artist in the world. There is no art that is too small to post, they post any art work and it always makes me happy. As a young artist I am always inspired and I try to improve my artwork daily.

PowerPoint creation on YouTube always interest me. I don’t really have a profile I follow but if you have a good PowerPoint template that I can learn just notify me on you tube.

Twitter! Twitter!! Twitter!!! How can I select a particular account on twitter? It seems difficult.

I will not ignore the twitter account that update me how to apply for scholarship and brand myself for better opportunities @momentswithBren (Momentswithbren ).

I like Blessing Adejoh (@BlessingAdejoh5) twitter account. The owner always post contents that are educative, informative and inspiring. Also, I also get to read their blog on Medium and that gives me joy.

Minds Without Limits (https://t.me/joinchat/L8DsoFaXRpL0Vhalji-sZg) on telegram always gives me joy. It is not limited to just getting daily post and updates on ongoing scholarship applications. I also get to learn networking, writing, photography, etc. Minds without limit is not limited.

In Life

Good day students, sorry I am coming late to class today. I am Olugbenga Samuel Babatunde, your new teacher. It is nice meeting you. I know we will enjoy today’s class.

Today, I will be teaching something you all know before, and the topic is life. Every part of life is important. Starting From the cell which is the smallest unit of life to the organisms which are made up of cells. The reason is because the cells grow to become the multicellular organisms. In other words, Everything is connected from the cellular level to the system level.

So in life every little good and bad actions are important because they give rise to bigger ones. The little act of generosity, the act of hatred, the little act of kinds, the little act of envy all this give birth to a bigger organism. Try to know the cells you are growing before they become a whole organism.

In the absence of questions, class dismiss.


According to the Yoruba adage “Oruko nii ro mo” (a child is influenced by his or her name). A name is a powerful tool that influences people behaviour, thought, and actions. It always has a long-lasting effect on people. I remember when I was younger, the bad people in our community answer to weird and scary names. While the beautiful ladies are either called Queen or Angel or Beauty and they always behave like one. So, when I put everything together, I concluded that you are consciously or unconsciously influenced by your name.

The journey towards becoming my name is going to take a lifetime and, in the end, I hope to say I am Olugbenga Samuel Babatunde.

I just need to write

Early life as a child had a serious impact on my immeasurable concern for the welfare and health of humans. Growing up in my home town Ifon, Ondo State, Nigeria. I observed face to face the effect of infectious diseases on the people living in the town and even my relatives were not left out. The countless loss of lives mostly that of children resulting from diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, cholera to mention a few. To make the case worst many people in the rural community are not aware of infectious diseases and they give it different sorts of names. Most people infected are stigmatized. For instance, lymphatic filariasis in some part of Benue State, Nigeria is attributed to adultery or witchcraft but they are not aware that the pathogens are transmitted by mosquitoes.Infectious diseases do not only affect the health sector but also resulted in lower investment and a substantial loss in; private sector growth, agricultural production, cross-border trade (restrictions on movement, goods, and services increased) as we can see in the present pandemic of Covid 19. This ignited a fire within me to become the change agent needed by the community in addressing health issues.Therefore, I need to write to create awareness about the impact of infectious disease on people’s lives. I need to write to inform them about the mode of transmission, prevention, and treatment of most infectious diseases. I need to write to inform them of the importance of personal hygiene, the use of mosquito nets, the need for a balanced diet, the need for routine laboratory checkups, etc. I just need to write.

It is never too late to start something new

A friend shared the winterabc2020 challenge with me on twitter and going through the message I told myself I will take part in the challenge. I told myself it is never too late to start something new. This is the first time I would be involved in a blogging challenge. I know I still have a lot to learn on blogging but I would rather fail than not make attempt.

I am Olugbenga Samuel Babatunde, a Nigerian. An environmental parasitologist and public health scientist, with a research focus on the interaction between pathogens, host and the environment. Nature fascinates me.

I pledge to commit to writing and reading in this challenge and connecting with other writers. I pledge to improve my writing skill through this medium. Ngakho ngisize uNkulunkulu (So help me God)

The Good Neighbor with Bad Habit

The interaction between the environment, pathogens and hosts is very important in our world. Even though man has tried to alter this relationship because of his experience with the interaction, notwithstanding this, interaction is two sided.

Mosquitoes has a case study transmits different pathogens that cause disease like elephantiasis, malaria, yellow fever, tularemia, dirofilariasis, Japanese encephalitis etc. All this has led to the death of many people in the world, aside its effect of the global economy. In short, eradicating mosquitoes will be the solution to all this deadly diseases and its impact on human health. The other part of the story is that, this insect serve as food for many animals like bats, lizards, frogs etc.

Also, the male mosquitoes help in pollination. This interaction is beneficial to the sustainability of our environment and also detrimental to our health. Instead of eradicating or eliminating pathogens, in my own opinion, we should learn to live with them peacefully.

To be continued…

Prof Ben-G Dbest