The Good Neighbor with Bad Habit

The interaction between the environment, pathogens and hosts is very important in our world. Even though man has tried to alter this relationship because of his experience with the interaction, notwithstanding this, interaction is two sided.

Mosquitoes has a case study transmits different pathogens that cause disease like elephantiasis, malaria, yellow fever, tularemia, dirofilariasis, Japanese encephalitis etc. All this has led to the death of many people in the world, aside its effect of the global economy. In short, eradicating mosquitoes will be the solution to all this deadly diseases and its impact on human health. The other part of the story is that, this insect serve as food for many animals like bats, lizards, frogs etc.

Also, the male mosquitoes help in pollination. This interaction is beneficial to the sustainability of our environment and also detrimental to our health. Instead of eradicating or eliminating pathogens, in my own opinion, we should learn to live with them peacefully.

To be continued…

Prof Ben-G Dbest

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