We never stop learning

Photo by dice insight

Education never started from school and it will not end there. The process of getting knowledge and skills has been one of the fundamental trait of humans that seemed normal. Humans have evolved and thereby diversify the process of learning, starting from home with our parents, the friends living beside us, the school we attend, the movie we watch and the song we listen to. We learn from all these. Learning now became easier and accessible with the development of social media due to the advancement in technology.

Social media has made it easier to communicate, create, share, exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. In this big community there are homes of people I always like to visit in Facebook, YouTube, twitter and telegram.

Art people gallery (artpeople1) always catch my attention any day and any time on Facebook. The creativity from different artist in the world. There is no art that is too small to post, they post any art work and it always makes me happy. As a young artist I am always inspired and I try to improve my artwork daily.

PowerPoint creation on YouTube always interest me. I don’t really have a profile I follow but if you have a good PowerPoint template that I can learn just notify me on you tube.

Twitter! Twitter!! Twitter!!! How can I select a particular account on twitter? It seems difficult.

I will not ignore the twitter account that update me how to apply for scholarship and brand myself for better opportunities @momentswithBren (Momentswithbren ).

I like Blessing Adejoh (@BlessingAdejoh5) twitter account. The owner always post contents that are educative, informative and inspiring. Also, I also get to read their blog on Medium and that gives me joy.

Minds Without Limits (https://t.me/joinchat/L8DsoFaXRpL0Vhalji-sZg) on telegram always gives me joy. It is not limited to just getting daily post and updates on ongoing scholarship applications. I also get to learn networking, writing, photography, etc. Minds without limit is not limited.

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