In Life

Good day students, sorry I am coming late to class today. I am Olugbenga Samuel Babatunde, your new teacher. It is nice meeting you. I know we will enjoy today’s class.

Today, I will be teaching something you all know before, and the topic is life. Every part of life is important. Starting From the cell which is the smallest unit of life to the organisms which are made up of cells. The reason is because the cells grow to become the multicellular organisms. In other words, Everything is connected from the cellular level to the system level.

So in life every little good and bad actions are important because they give rise to bigger ones. The little act of generosity, the act of hatred, the little act of kinds, the little act of envy all this give birth to a bigger organism. Try to know the cells you are growing before they become a whole organism.

In the absence of questions, class dismiss.

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